Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am way behind - the blogger software decided that it would no longer let me load pictures.  Just like magic today, the option was back like it had always been there.  I will do my best to catch you up.

We had several very happy endings recently at BTRNC.  The first one to get my fingers back on the keys was that of Miss Socks.

Socks is a 17 (yes seventeen) year old precious girl whose owner died whereupon she was dumped at a shelter.  A sister rescue group in South Carolina saw her and alerted every boston group they could find.

One of our dear volunteers took one look at this picture and knew that she had to go and adopt her immediately. 

 The other rescue worked out the paperwork and Socks is now in her forever home.  By all accounts she is doing great.  We know she can't stay long but here is what her new Mom says on the subject: 

I know she is 17 years old and you can believe it most of the time, but sometimes I think she is half that. I am absolutely enamored of her and so are the others when they aren’t trying to take her food and toys. They instinctively know she is royalty (even queen Fidoya), visiting for a short while and treat her as such. I will try to make sure she stays as long as possible. End of life is just a term, it can last forever. Thank you all of you who helped me get this wonderful and magickal creature"

Next we have an update on Virgil who was adopted in late December of 2011. 

It was one year ago today that Virgil was hit by a car and found lying on the side of the road.  Animal Control took him in. He was seriously injured and it was touch and go for a few days. He went first to Carolina Vet and then to Old Town Vet. Virgil is one tough little guy, a true survivor, who fought to recover. Once he was stable, his badly injured leg was repaired followed by weeks of physical therapy. Through it all, his Foster Mom, Marge, was by his side and helped Virgil make a very successful recovery!

Some months ago, he found a wonderful Forever Home and Family and the attached picture shows you how great he is now doing as he sits waiting on his birthday cupcake.

Next week, Virgil is getting a new brother, Duncan, who will also enjoy the good life with this same family!

Happy Birthday, Virgil, and we wish you many more!!

Let's not forget Louise who got the best Christmas present of all - a forever home!  Thelma came in with her sister Louise.  As it turned out however, this Thelma and Louise did much better apart than together. 

Stay tune for Liz, Marilyn and others and for Jedi's amazing story of being lost and found.


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I just love happy endings! Or should I say beginnings...:)


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