Thursday, February 14, 2013


At every holiday, one of our members shares the latest family portrait of her bostons, all decked out for the day.  At every holiday, I shamelessly copy the picture and use it for the blog.  Obviously, I followed that approach this year!

Left to Right:  Harley, Popeye, Millie and Bruser

All of us are not blessed with such photogenic and angelic bostons but these guys can serve as our Valentine logo.  Our bostons love us unconditionally with all of their hearts every day.  I am so fortunate to be worthy of such devotion.

You all may remember the blog on the loss and return of Bailey's soul.  Well the little man gave his Mom quite a scare last week when his age and past caused some health issues that were life threatening.  He is on the right medication and  he is feeling much better now and here he is in his brand new bright red Valentine blanket. 

If you have just a moment longer, please go to our home page and read Ruthie's story.  She is looking for some Valentines this year. Her ears have been cut off, yes cut, with little left to try to save, she is heart worm positive and she has luxating patellas in both her knees.  We can and will fix her however.  We may never be able to restore the cosmetics of her ears, but we can fix her knees and the worms invading her wonderful heart.  She can hear as the inner workings of her ears were left intact.  She is safe and showered with love in her foster home but we need Valentines in the form of donations to get this baby the treatment she deserves.  If you have not exceeded your budget for hearts this year, please consider sending a few to Ruthie.  She and BTRNC would be so thankful.

Hope everyone has a great day with all or even just a minute of love from the two legged and four legged beings that touch our lives.  Oh, and today, chocolate has no calories but just for the humans though please.


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