Monday, November 05, 2012


Channing is the 6 year old Mom and China, the 4 year old daughter.  Both were placed with us together when their owner died.  They are very bonded to each other and China in particular gets very anxious when Mom is out of sight.   China has undergone surgery for luxating patellas and is fully recovered.  We are thrilled to announce that a wonderful new Mom has stepped forward and adopted them together.  Here they are on their big day.

That is China in the front,  Both girls know they are going somewhere exciting!

"Really China, do you have to jump up right away? We just met this person.  Better to sit calmly and get to know her," thought Channing.

"Well, while you sit quietly and behave, I'm pulling her on to the car!  I'm ready to go home.  I just know there are treats there!", thought China!

Upon seeing the post from the group, one of our volunteers remarked that surely their original Mom must be looking down with happiness today!  Congratulations to everyond and a special thanks to their new Mom who was willing to take on this ready made family!


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Good for them!


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