Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Well here we are another year with at least another 365 things to be thankful for.  It gives the volunteers at BTRNC joy to think about all the bostons who have passed through our rescue who are now snuggled safe with their forever families this holiday season.  Every time I look at my latest rescue, I remember that last year at this time, she was alone and scared in a tiny cage within a very noisy animal control facility.  I am so looking forward to showing her a wonderful holiday season this year.

Roxy and Reef are a new to rescue bonded 5 year old pair who are in the market for a forever home this holiday season.  Reef is the one with eye liner on his lips.  They are very thankful to be in a foster home (even if they are too energetic for the resident seniors there).

Bailey, Lulu, Rosebud, Willis and our other bostons in sanctuary are thankful to have found their way to rescue to live out the last part of their lives in a family home and not in a kennel or not at all.

Marilyn is sad that she lost her second forever home 5 years after her original adoption from BTRNC but thankful that we swung the doors open for her to return as we do for all of our former rescues.  She is such a sweetheart.  She is now 8 years old but has the kindest face.

Prissy is thrilled to spend another Thanksgiving with her foster Mom who hasn't figured out yet that Prissy is already home.

Tango is thrilled to be hanging out with his new foster Mom and sibling this year, and to be out of "prison."

Channing and China are over joyed to be together and with their new Mom for this holiday season.

Ridiculously cute Bea is thankful she caught a ride last week into her foster Mom's arms.  She is now waiting for adoption.

BTRNC is particularly thankful for its members for without them none of the above and so much more would be possible.  Our volunteers stick with it through good times and not so great, through changes, bad economy, heartbreaking losses and a bank account in dire need of a deposit.  When chaos and confusion threaten our sanity and our resolve, we remember why we are here - for the bostons!  And suddenly, the next save, adoption, recovery, or boston kiss happens and we are so glad we stayed around for it.

After I posted this blog, one of our members sent an e-mail to the group and I thought that it made sense to share it here:

    I had to go today for a doctors visit.  Aaaarrrgh. Anyhoo, I kept running into people who liked my hoodie. It is the one I got at Cat Banjo last year that is printed, “Rescue Dogs Rock”. I have never had so many people stop me before. Most of them wanted to know if I had a rescue dog and when they found out I foster for a specific rescue they all wanted to tell me about their rescue dogs. Brittany Spaniels, American Bulldogs, a yorkie, several pugs and some mixes and one lady who had three rescue bostons. All of them thanked me for the work we do, one lady cried she loves her dog and even said what we have said, they know they are given a second chance and are so loving. Never have I felt so proud of everyone and of what I do, though I cannot do what I once did when I started I am still in there and trying to do my best.  Today made me realize what a dent we make in the scheme of things, these people were excited, I had two women and a young couple hanging on me at the grocery store. They all had to tell me about their rescue dogs, how it worked out, who they got to know and how they made new friends with the fosters of their dogs. They were eager to talk. How proud I am to be part of this.  

Thank you to everyone involved in our rescue.  We hope you and your family, 4 legged and 2, have a most magical and bountiful Thanksgiving!


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Wonderful post! I really appreciate all that you do.


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