Wednesday, December 05, 2012


A happy mix of puppy love for you this holiday season.  First, a family portrait from one of our volunteers:

Maddie is on Santa's lap, On the floor from left to right are Rex, Agatha and Isaac.  All are former rescues by the way.

And speaking of Maddie, she just celebrated her 16th birthday.  Mom reports that at 12 years old, she still has a lot of spunk and an unfortunate tendency to think she can take on bigger dogs she doesn't know.  She was recently at a BTRNC event in a tent which she used as a beach ball to go after a bigger dog.  She and the tent went rolling away.  No one was hurt!

Here is Woden, recently featured in a blog, all settled into his wonderful new home.  What better Christmas gift could there be?

And finally, two classic Christmas shots of our Bostons not exactly demonstrating the perfect behaviors that we strive to achieve.

This is Buster who has joined the crazy popular dog shaming trend!

And Bailey, who really wanted to help with the tree but lost the battle with the lights!

Whatever you celebrate and however you do it, we hope that you have a warm fuzzy companion by your side to make the days merry and bright!  Thank you for a wonderful 2012.


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