Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finding Neko
Submitted by Volunteers Claudia and Jan!

Neko’s mom had originally contacted BTRNC starting in December 2011 because she said she wanted to become a foster home. However, she did not respond when our foster coordinator, tried to reach out to her. She proceeded to reemerge, only to again disappear several more times. A recent divorce had taken its toll on her, Neko, her child, and their other Boston Terrier. Neko had been with her ex-husband who had not provided proper vet care and Neko had been neglected. He was by then diagnosed with demodectic mange and a staph infection. She got Neko back and sent another frantic message on Facebook in March 2012, desperate to get him treatment. It took until July of 2012 for us to actually make arrangements to get tiny Neko.

Found at last and what a find it was. My elation at finally finding this little boy pup quickly turned to dismay. I could only hope that my efforts to keep my face impassive were not in vain. Neko’s skin was a mess – a red, hot mess. Clearly, it had taken a long time for Neko to deteriorate into his present condition. His skin was red, wrinkled, and inflamed with a thin, yellow crust all over his body from the infection and constant irritation. He had lost most of his hair.

Still, Neko’s mom was very torn about surrendering him, so we worried that she would stop responding to us altogether. With his mom becoming increasingly hesitant and his condition worsening rapidly, we decided we could wait no longer. I called Neko’s mom and offer to drive to her house to pick him up. Thankfully, Neko’s mom accepted my offer so off I went.
On that hot Sunday in July, I noted an older, neat, but very sparse condominium that had seen a lot of wear. As I stood waiting for her to gather Neko’s things, her little boy shyly offered me a can of SpaghettiOs. I smiled and told him that though I loved SpaghettiOs, he needed to keep those for supper. That explanation appeared to satisfy him and he began to play with all four dogs (including two of my own) as they romped and bounced around the condo.

Eventually, all of Neko’s things were collected and placed into my car. I then told her to take a minute to say goodbye to Neko. Mercifully, she and her little boy seemed to understand that Neko was going to a place where he could recover and get a wonderful new home. There were no tears, only calm acceptance and subdued sadness. She gave me a hug before I left. I promised that we would take very, very good care of sweet Neko. I know she did her best. She also did the right thing by giving him to those who could properly care for him. He needed immediate treatment and he was on his way to receiving it.

Comfort and recovery had begun!

Neko’s foster mom has done a wonderful job with him, as you can see in the before and after pictures! She met me at a moment’s notice that day, for which I am forever grateful. Neko is a very happy boy who has his forever home all lined up!

Here is our boy passing at kisses at a recent fund raiser for BTRNC -

We are so glad that we kept up the search and finally found Neko! 


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Marcus said...

what a wonderful story

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is a aweet little boy. So glad he was lucky enough to be rescued by such a wonderful group of volunteers.

At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! Tears came to my eyes as I read it. I am so happy that Neko was rescued by such wonderful folks. Sharing my life with 3 sweet Bostons has given me so much joy, and I cannot bear to see another that is in pain and suffering. Thanks for sharing Neko's story.


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