Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Bostons come in all sizes.  Some say they thought all bostons were over 25 pounds and some say they had never seen a boston weigh more than 15 pounds.  It seems that recently, bostons have been getting bigger and more long legged.  This could be due to intra breeding and/or to breeders who think that the biger dogs will sell better.   The breed standard for show bostons continues to be more short legged, with a, technical term here, "really smushed face." BTRNC loves them all and we take as many as we have foster homes to accomodate. 

This is little miss Ayla - on the tinier side of bostons.  Ayla is new to foster care and has been learning to trust with her foster Dad and canine siblings.  This little angel was a puppy dog for two years.  If you follow rescue you already know what this implies.  I will repeat one more time that puppy mill dogs have no socialization, no love and no play time.  Most puppy mill dogs are dumped around 4 but Ayla must not have been meeting the breeder's expectations because she was dumped at 2 where she then spent 2 months in a cold noisey shelter.  Finally at two years and 2 months, BTRNC found her and began the slow process of showing her what life should be like.  Ayla missed out on puppy socialization and the gentle touch of loving humans.  She has a lot of time to make up but she has a spirit in her eye that tells us she is willing to try. 

Ayla is still very scared.  She will now approach her foster Dad but if he approaches her she will walk away.  Her favorite spot is on a pilow by the door where she can see escape at all times.  It makes sense that she would shrink from someone reaching for her.  To be reached for in her former life, probably meant that it was time to be moved to another cage with a male boston to make puppies for the breeder to sell. 

Yes I know it sidewards - blame the "updated" blogger software
Ayla will require patience, time and consistency but as you can see, she is a beautiful flower waiting to bloom.  Look for more information on Ayla soon but if you can't wait, fill out an application from our home page.  We thank you!

You must be standing on your head - this is not upside down!



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