Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Meet Jelly Bean or Jelly as she is known to her fans and family. Jelly was surrendered to rescue when someone chose to do something rather than walk by disgusted. Jelly was observed being hit with a rake. Jelly's angel approached the owner and convinced them to turn Jelly into rescue rather than keep her and keep abusing her.

It takes courage to step in and there is a risk that your feedback may not be received well. You need to assess the situation and use your own judgment whether you can step in or whether you should retreat and call animal control or the police. Putting yourself in danger doesn't help you or the animal you seek to protect. I have often said my mouth was going to get me in big trouble. One day I approached a fenced yard behind a tall hedge. Two dogs were barking loudly at me. I heard someone come out the front door and heard what I thought was a hand smacking the dogs. Without any of the caution I told you to take above, I yelled.... you do not have to hit them! Turns out she was smacking her own hand with a newspaper. Thankfully, she was an animal lover too and confessed that she would probably have done the same thing. No newspapers and hands with poor Jelly though. A rake, an unfortunate human, and a defenseless dog. Yippee that Jelly was rescued in more ways than one.

Jelly is around 5 years old and as usual with dogs, she bears no ill will toward humans. She is timid around dominant personalities, but aren't most of us? She has settled right into her foster home and gets along well with her foster siblings. Mom reports that she is laid back and loves to be rubbed. If you don't rub her, she will rub against you to accomplish the same thing - her body being rubbed by you.

Sometimes she even gets to go to work with her foster Dad and Eleanor the pug. Jelly loves sofas and loves to take up residence there. It appears here that the human members of the family have lost their sofa. Yes, that is Jelly right smack in the middle.

Please give Jelly a look for yourself. She's a good girl who deserves a wonderful home - rake free!


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Morgan said...

We are so excited that in just a few short days Jellybean is coming to her new forever home with us where she will live the remainder of her days truly safe and loved. I can hardly wait to be with her.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Boastful Boston said...

Yippee - another happy ending. Congratulations to Jelly Bean and your family. The Boastful Boston


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