Monday, January 02, 2012


This is Bullwinkle, 3 years old, house and crate trained and laid back

His name seemed odd to me when I first heard it. I couldn't hear " come Bullwinkle", sit Bullwinkle", good Bullwinkle" without tripping over my tongue. Then when I saw his picture, I had to admit that I did think about Bullwinkle, Rocky's side kick in the cartoons and I understood. However, just between you and me, I think I would change his name if he lived with me. I could see even just Moose....

Anyway, you see, this fine young man was adopted in late 2011 but a very nice gentleman who thought he was doing the right think by giving our boy a home. Unfortunately, he took Bullwinkle to a dog park where the dogs run off leash, and have a big time. Confession time.... I am scared to death of those places but I am an admitted control freak. Also, my Riley decided that recall was the one command, he was always going to ignore. Well Bullwinkle's new Daddy became alarmed when he thought that Bullwinkle was showing aggression at the dog park and decided that it would be best to return him to the safety of BTRNC to find another home. As always, we take our rescues back, that is our promise to our fosters that they will always be welcome here.

Bullwinkle is back with his foster Mom who has reported no aggression issues. We wonder if Bullwinkle may have been overwhelmed by all the dogs, the running, the barking, etc. When he first came to rescue, he was very skiddish and would not make eye contact or join you in your lap or on the sofa. What we didn't know is that his original owner required that he wait for a pat on the sofa to let him know it was o.k. to come up. What nice manners! He came a long way during his first stay with his foster Mom and he will continue to learn more manners and trust on his return trip.

But... it is hard on these babies to be moved around. They, just like we, need to know that we are finally home for good. Won't you consider adding this adorable moose to your family. He promises that if you don't take him to a dog park, he will be the model boy!

Thank you!


At 3:00 AM, Blogger Jeremy Boeh said...

Just wanted to say hello to you and BUllwinkle. we are a family in greenville,sc our boston rascal ran away from home a week ago. We adopted him a few days prior from a home where he was not getting along with the other bostons. Needless to say we gree very attached in two days and are very sad. It makes me happy to see happy dogs like bullwinkle!! let us know how is doing


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