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Long time readers will remember a blog I posted about one of our rescues who stayed by her foster Mother's side after a bad fall. The Dad in the house had to carry her outside to use the facilities (a/k/a grass). He didn't have to carry her back in though. She did her business and flew back in the door to resume her post. She knew this lady had rescued her and it was her turn to return the favor by providing constant company and reassurance that all would be well.

I read in our local newspaper awhile back about a dog who saved his new owner's life the day after he had been pulled from a shelter. The human lost control of his car and went down an embankment. The dog managed to get through a small opening in the window that the man had opened for fresh air, climb the embankment and run down the road barking until someone heard him and followed him. This dog must have watched some Lassie re-runs.

Now today, I just heard about Tally, one of our new rescues. Talisman or Tally for short came into rescue earlier this month. He is 4 years old, gets along with females and submissive males, knows several commands, and saved his foster Mother from a dog attack yesterday! Didn't see that one coming did you?

Not bad for a dog who originally fell to the floor and put all 4 paws up in the air when a leash was attached to his harness. Tally was afraid to come out of his crate for the first week or so but not any more. And it's a good thing he learned move through his leash fears because it was on the end of that leash that he scared an advancing off lead dog who was running toward his foster Mom.

Tally raised every hair on his body up in warning, snapped, snarled and growled so ferociously that the advancing dog turned and ran in the other direction! Now some of you are thinking, foster Mom must adopt this dog, look what he did for her! Well the reality is that Foster Mom has dogs of her own and always leaves room for a foster. If she made Tally her forever baby, she would not have the space to save the next one that comes through her door. Now that we can add hero to our list of accomplishments for this little man, maybe you want to check out his full bio on our dogs page!

Way to go Tally. You win the medal of bravery in our book and hopefully soon you will win your forever home and family to protect forever!


At 5:25 PM, Blogger kharford said...

Love it! I named Talisman well. He was MY Talisman that day!!


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