Thursday, April 19, 2012


That's how the note started that was "delivered" with Frannie to the local pound. I put delivered in quotes because dumped is probably more appropriate when the package was a 14 year old boston terrier who had been with one owner her whole life.

Frannie's Mom is 88 and went to a nursing home facility. Frannie went to the pound, courtesy of Mom's grown children.

BTRNC got the plea and came to the rescue of this lovely senior lady and got her out of the pound. The volunteer who picked her up posted that when the officer opened her cage, she RAN to the front door wagging her tail. She slipped a lead around her neck and off they went. When they got to the car, she put Frannie in the passenger seat and said, "Frannie, you are outta there." Frannie answered by leaning down and licking our volunteer's hand as she used the gear shift to back out of the parking lot. Any doubt that dogs know what is going on?

This is the picture that we received from the pound.

This is the picture that was snapped after the kiss in the car.

Yup, same dog.

The main purpose of this blog is not to express anger at those who put Frannie in a pound, but to drive the point home to everyone that we need to make solid arrangements for our pets in the event of our death. Animal Control is a scary place for any animal. Think how much more this is true for seniors who have lived the good life into their teen age years and suddenly find them themselves in a cage, in a very stark cold and NOISY environment with nothing but strangers. Surely, we cannot want this for our beloved companions who have no choice in any of this and certainly are grieved enough that you are gone.

Shelters and pounds are over crowded. Senior dogs in pounds have little to no chance as they are euthanized quickly to make room for younger more adoptable dogs. Don't let the cold environment of a pound be the last thing they know. Take the steps to secure a place and have a legal document prepared and signed by all involved and put it with your will. There is no social services for animals. No nice lady is going to come to your house and take your pets into the system and find them a foster home. It's up to us to do for them what they cannot do for themselves.

Please remember Frannie's story and take the time to create a very different story for your beloved pets.

Frannie is doing great in foster care and 24 hours after being rescued was doing the "happy roll" on the sofa. Stomach up, legs curled, back on surface and commence to wiggle and roll! Frannie is going to be just fine!


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Mary said...

What a little angel Frannie is! One can only imagine her confusion when she was dropped at the pound. I am so glad that she found a foster home! In hope she finds a forever home soon. Wonderful story. And yes, I have made arrangements for my Fred to ensure he will be taken care of in the event anything should happen to me. Thank you for sharing Frannie's story.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Marcus said...

Here is Franny doing the happy Roll


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