Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This adorable little bundle of cuteness is Miss Daisy. Everyone that meets here falls in love with her. If you have read her bio on the available dogs page, you know she is a ball of fire with two, very fixable bum legs. In fact, we are happy to report that she has come through the surgery on the more severe leg very well and is currently at home recuperating in the loving care of her foster Mom. She is already putting weight on that leg and after recovery, her leg will actually be stronger than if she had never required surgery at all. We want you to know what you would be getting into with Daisy which is why her bio continuously stresses her energy level. Like Murphy, a previously blogged long legged wild child, Daisy is a very compact short legged 12 pound doll baby wild child. Without slowing down, she steals hearts. Even the vet where she had her surgery did not want to let her go home.

Look at it this way, she is tiny enough to pick up easily and carry around if you need to get some work done that does not revolve around her.

Her foster Mom had some challenges convincing Missy Daisy that she should be a big girl and do her business outside. Much to Daisy's dismay, it came down to tethering her to Mom's ankle so she could constantly be watched. Here she is, not at all happy about this proposition.

As if she wasn't energetic enough, she also has a taste for coffee. Shown here in the act of getting her caffeine fix.

You have heard about our Santa Paws program each Christmas. She was thrilled with her presents and only had a hard time deciding whether she wanted the pink stuffie or the white bone.

Finally, here is the angel recovering at home after her surgery and enjoying her heat therapy.

If you like bostons enough to read this blog, can you really resist this face? Please re-read her lengthy bio to get more insight on our little flower. We thank you.


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