Tuesday, December 06, 2011


First is Mr. Rhett Butler who barely made it from the shelter to my car to his foster home before his foster Mom said, "this one has to stay!" It happens, and although we sometimes eventually mourn the loss of a foster home, we are always thrilled when love at first sight makes a perfect ending for everyone. Rhett's new Mom reports that he is a huge snuggler with lots of manners. We don't think Rhett was allowed to do much at his first home because he is learning all about beds, shoulders, toys, and furniture - to sit on, never eat of course. He also has either learned or came with some acrobatic skills since he has taken on the job of corner post for his new deck.

Rhett is wonderful with other dogs and his Mom knows that he will be a calming influence on future fosters.

Then, meet Lyla who was known as Elsie on our website. She has found a new purpose in her forever home, that of project supervisor. Notice how she diligently occupies the best seat to observe her Dad's work. Notice too how Dad can only use one hand on his project since he has the other looped into his foredog's collar so she won't fall!

Finally, we are so pleased to announce that Rachel and Ritchie have gone home together. It is so difficult to find forever families for multiple dogs but when it does happen, we and the dogs rejoice. This way, they get to keep a part of them as they move into their new life - each other!

Congratulations to all of our happy endings - new and established!


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Mary said...

So nice to hear that they found such nice homes to stay forever with. I really laughed at Rhett's "post" position, he looks very serious about his job there. Good for him! Good for all of them!


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