Friday, November 12, 2010


I live in the southwestern part of VA, close to both the Tennessee and NC borders and not too close to Richmond or Northern VA. There are a whole lot of small and medium towns between here and those places. Sometimes we need to do home visits in one of those towns.
I had what turned out to be the absolute pleasure of taking a road trip to a town right out of the backdrop to a lot of country songs a few months ago. I did the home visit for the incredibly sweet and enthusiastic future parents of Miss Sophie. As soon as you turned off the main road, you felt transported in time before pollution, mega malls and super stores. Everyone who lives on the long road knows everyone or are in some way related and they all waved at me as I drove by. I must be welcome or I would not be on that road! Most of the houses have large side and back yards too. When I pulled into the correct driveway, I could picture a lucky pup sunning on the back porch.

Mandy came right out to meet me and welcomed me in to their warm and comforting home.
The four legged family member in residence is Panda, a beautiful black and white cat. Seems like I'm not the only one into the whole black and white color scheme. It was very important that their new boston would at least be cat friendly and at most like cats.

Of course the home visit was fully approved and they had their eye on our Sophie already. A week later, they made the road trip so we didn't have to arrange transport and brought Sophie home.

So, how did everything turn out? See for yourself!

We are so happy for Sophie, Panda and their wonderful family. Now if I could just get over my desire to live on that road instead of the city!


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