Sunday, February 07, 2010


BTRNC is very proud of our sanctuary. Here is a place where seniors and dogs with chronic or severe health problems have found safety, love, care, and consistency. BTRNC has determined that the likelihood of these dogs being adopted is low. Rather than leave them in the available dogs section, we wanted to do them one better -a sanctuary status that means that we have committed to their medical and well being care for as long as we are blessed to have them on this side of the bridge. We make this commitment for all our dogs but we wait with them as their forever families find them and take them home. Our sanctuary babies are already home, loved secured.

Trixie has been with us for many months now. She had a rough go of it for awhile. You can see from the pictures that he eye was damaged by an untreated puncture wound. She also had a hard time surviving the heart worm treatment necessary to remove the parasites that had invaded her system because she didn't receive an inexpensive pill once a month. She ended up at a shelter in NC where she surely would have either been euthanized or died as a result of her condition. She found rescue with BTRNC and a wonderful foster Mom who will sit beside her, love her, hold her now and as when it's time for her to cross the bridge.
Yes, we are proud of our sanctuary but mostly, our sanctuary dogs make us proud of them and their spunk and desire to stay with us for as long as possible!


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous teresa said...

What a Grand Old Gal. Her face tells the story of her life and look she is still smiling. She is wonderful.


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