Tuesday, June 09, 2009


If you look at our blog archives, you will find a feature on Ms. Dolly when she was in foster care and looking for her new home. (January, 2009). If you look even further back in our archives, you will find a blog on Marilyn, the rescue who left ferrets in her original home and was quickly adopted to her new forever home complete with ferrets! (February 2008).

The Boastful Boston did the original home visit for Ms. Marilyn's placement and met this wonderful Mom and Dad who ran a ferret rescue in Virginia and who wanted to add a ferret friendly boston to their family. Marilyn is doing great and we were thrilled that they wanted to do a double dip for another boston baby.

Maybe it was Dolly's name, her adorable face, her age, her bio or all of the above that drew them to her. The Boastful Boston thinks it was Dolly who sent the right vibes all the way to Virginia. Whatever the reason, Dolly is now at home with her new Mom and Dad and Marilyn.
Apparently Ms. Marilyn is having to readjust to not being the only boston. Dolly is working over time to get Marilyn to play. It should not take too long since Marilyn's original home had 3 boston babies. The report from home is that Marilyn has agreed to sleep next to Dolly but draws the line at acknowledging her Mom if she has the nerve to pet Marilyn! Their Mom writes that Marilyn wants to play but first she has to finish letting Dolly know she was there first.

Even if Marilyn isn't thrilled yet - her Daddy sure is! Better watch out Dad, you are outnumbered - Dolly Marilyn and Mom make every night girls night in!


At 12:37 AM, Blogger flamingolady said...

I am pleased to report that Marilyn (Monroe) instigated some doggy play yesterday with Dolly (Madison)! Sadly a stuffed green froggy did not survive their tug of war but that's alright....they were playing!! It is great to see their personalities emerging as they learn each other. And Dolly is enchanted with the ferrets!! She wants to go into their room and play with them so bad!
Thank you to all at BTR!!


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