Tuesday, March 03, 2009


A pearl is a stone formed by nature protected inside a sea shell. When the shell is opened, a beautiful and lustrous pearl emerges. When polished, the pearl becomes even more beautiful and when treated with care will shine for a long long time.

Once there was a nice young woman who shared her life with a 7 year old boston named Macy. She and Macy had room in their hearts to love another boston baby. She came browsing our Available Dogs and came upon Collette. Collette reminded her of a pearl, fragile and timid but with great beauty and potential. She and Macy adopted the fur baby they renamed Pearl and said, "Welcome Home Pearl, we have been waiting for you!"

We think it is a beautiful name with an even more beautiful sentiment. Pearl is home now with her Mom and fur sister where she will be loved and protected. Pearl's Mom knows that she has much to learn and she is excited to lead her on this journey. Macy has welcomed her with open paws. Where there were two, there are now three and we hope that this beautiful Pearl will shine on and on!


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