Monday, June 01, 2009


Our former foster Mike, went to his forever home in summer 2007. He was adopted by a private investigator and renamed Deacon. We don't know if Deacon assists his Mom with stake outs or other spy stuff, but we hear that he has a pretty good life these days. He shares his home with another boston, two kitties and an english bull dog. The fearsome threesome they are called and when they romp through the house, it sounds more like 3 elephants. When he was adopted he was skinny and scared. He is now called the King of the Castle and his favorite place to be is under the covers with his Mom.

We receive so many wonderful updates from our adopters. One theme seems to run through most of them. Love! Most forever families including Deacon's mention the love they give and receive in return or the joy their new addition has brought to their family. Deacon is no exception. His foster Mom writes that Deacon is deaf but that makes no difference to her or the rest of the family. He has learned commands and has no trouble being the life of the party with his siblings.

Day is done Deacon - sleep well!


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