Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BTRNC was fortunate enough to have a new volunteer join our group a few months ago. She asked for and was given access to our group e-mail distribution, sent an e-mail introducing herself. We welcomed her and 24 hours later, she pulled her first rescue into her foster care. She e-mailed and told us she hoped it was o.k. but she couldn't stand the baby not having a name so she named her Malorie. I remember thinking that Malorie was a beautiful name. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. In a very short time, our new member joined, pulled a rescue, fostered and loved her and had the strength to let her go to the home that was meant for her - Malorie's perfect match. She looks petty comfortable there!

Since going to her forever home, Malorie has gotten to go to boston terrier meetup to play with other bostons. Readers with bostons should check to see if there is a meetup in their area. The dogs and the humans have a wonderful time. Malorie also has a fur brother Scout, who as you can see has accepted his new sister - as long as he is still in the front of pictures!

Malorie also has human siblings now too! That's good because she had to leave one younger sibling behind at her foster home. Here she is in the car seat on her way to her new home!

Yes, BTRNC is grateful our new volunteer joined us, and Malorie is even more thankful. She was the gateway between no home and her forever home!


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