Sunday, May 17, 2009


That's Rosey on the right. Unlike usual roses who bud bloom and fall as rose petals to return to the earth, BTRNC's Rosey got a home, a new name, a new fur sibling and a wonderful life.

Quincy's first job was to teach her new brother Kennedy, that LADIES RULE. Once this important rule was learned by all, she and Kennedy have gotten along just fine!

Apparently, Quincy makes a great impression on everyone she meets in her new home town. Lots of people have offered Her Royal Highness as she is called another new home but her family says she is home with them thank you very much. Quincy however wants everyone to know there are plenty of other royalty on our available dogs page waiting for their castle.

Like most bostons, Quincy's favorite part of the day is meal time. She actually performs a dance at each meal to show her joy. After a good meal and evening play time, she and Kennedy are ready to spar for the most bed room, under the covers of course. Alas, this leaves little space for the humans but Quincy just knows that her people will find a way to squeeze in for cuddle time.

BTRNC says thank you for Kennedy and his people for welcoming this beautiful flower into their family. HRH wonders what took so long for her to have the life she deserves - but she's happy that it came late rather than never!


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