Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's probably just as well that dogs don't possess the same analytical and reasoning capabilities of humans. Yes, this issue can be debated but everyone would agree that a dog's inability to hold a grudge and overwhelming ability to forgive makes them the luckier of the two species.

Behind the scenes, a volunteer gets a call, a Craigs List posting is found, a pet finder search is e-mailed to the rescue, a dog in trouble is saved and begins his journey to a new life. In most cases, the rescue doesn't know much about his past and since he can't tell us, we have to start from scratch. It's amazing what you can guess from observing a rescued foster. If he responds to words ending in the "y" sound, his name probably ended in that sound. If he spies a ball long abandoned in a dark corner and brings it to you, fetch was probably in his past. If he trembles at the sight of being lifted toward a car, rides were probably not good things. Repeated trips to the door examining all around it may indicate a doggy door somewhere in his life. The list goes on and on. A foster parent's job is unraveling the hints and codes to put as many pieces together as possible to help the dog rebuild a brighter future or in some cases, continue one they lost.

What must these babies think, suddenly in a new home or maybe their first indoor home, surrounded by cooing doting humans who they have never seen before, calling them new names? Yes, it's probably a good thing that they can't talk and that they rarely if ever abandon hope!

Since the Boastful Boston hates doing blogs without pictures, here is Max, adopted late 2008. Max has completed his journey and now resides with his new family where he gets to show off new sweaters and take road trips to visit other new family members! Max actually has helped his new younger family members with the fine art of picking up their toys. After all if it is on the ground, then it must be for Max!

Please visit our available dogs page often, you may be the one to help another rescued baby complete their journey.


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