Monday, September 17, 2012


First of all, we have decided to start including happy endings here at the blog so check back often to read about our latest fur babies who are now forever home!

This is the story of Elway, a 5 year old handsome boy who was turned into rescue because he snapped at a 10 month old.  Come to find out, he has a 90% hearing loss which means that he startles more easily.  More than likely, the baby startled him and he snapped at the unknown sounds that babies make. 

Elway settled in nicely at his foster home.  He did come with some guarding and food agression behaviors which might also be related to his hearing loss.

Even foster Moms and Dads ocassionally travel and (gasp) actually take vacations.  Sometimes it becomes necessary to enlist the help of another volunteer to puppy sit for our fosters during these times. 

Just before labor day, it was time for Elway's foster family to go on vacation to see family.  Two resident dogs were already making the trip, so they were afraid they would be kicked out if they showed up with a 3rd dog to spend a week in a tiny house. 

An e-mail plea was sent and a volunteer answered the call.  Labor Day came and went but due to some unforeseen delays, Elway's stay at his sitter was extended.  The pup sitters had been thinking about trying their hand at fostering and this was an easy way to see how it went.  No long term commitment, a pre designated time period - easy peasy.

Well apparently Elway had other ideas and last night upon entering the bedroom where Elway was esconsed in the big bed, his foster family sees this:

Hmm... what had Elway decided.  He was asked but made it clear he did not wish to be rushed.

Much later, he was found wearing this:

Everyone is thrilled at his decision.  Elway fit right in at his sitters house and decided to stay!  He has made his forever home right where he is.  Well done Elway, well done!


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Ceili's Creative Creations said...

Yeah!!!, for Elway. I see so many of the older dogs up for adoption and I just wanna take them all in. We adopted our first Boston Baby because His parents were going into assisted living, second one we adopted when my cousin didn't spay or neuter her four Boston's. Rocky, the older one was my saving grace. I suffered from severe panic attacks and He has saved my life. Love my babies, but still my heart breaks when I see the older ones, they make such wonderful loving companions.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, foster Mom & Dad you done a wonderful job caring for all your foster's. There should be more people like you 2!!!!

Haile and Maddie have good parents!

At 1:14 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Awww good for Elway! I do like happy endings. He's a sweetie pie!

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Tara said...

As Elway's first Mommy, this makes me VERY happy! He is an AWESOME dog, a "silly-sir" and a true gentleman! THANK YOU to everyone that helped place him in his new "furever" home! We miss you, Silly-sir!


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