Friday, July 20, 2012


As I read the information on our senior lady, Gretel and got to the part about the snoring, it brought back such memories of my last 15 year old.  Kelsey could peel wall paper off the wall with her senior snoring.  Bostons adorable kissable smushy faces that endear so many of us to the breed also snore and it seems to get louder with age.  Most of us senior boston owners though will tell you that the snoring becomes a background white noise, kind of like a fan that actually makes it easier to sleep.   The room is suddenly too quiet and you hear every noise the house makes when the snoring is gone.

Beautiful, elegant dignified Gretel is 14 years young.  She has the wisdom and grace only those gray eyebrows and cloudy eyes can deliver.  She landed in rescue and then into a wonderful foster home where apparently Mom had to convince Dad to foster an "old one".  No, she doesn't just lie around all day and sleep and snore.  She does not have to be taken to the vet once a week for a new ailment.  She has way too much appetite and she does not have accidents throughout the house because her senior bladder will no longer hold.

What she does do is chase tennis balls, jump on tables, of any kind - kitchen, coffee, outdoor, etc., jump on grills; make seal noises to welcome the family home; race in circles and slide four legged across the wooden floors.  She also knows ho to pull out a drawer to access a trash can when there is an especially wonderful treat, like fish heads, inside.  What a lovely aroma to send throughout the house. 

Best of all she loves to be snuggled and protected by her boston sister, Molly.  Look at this precious picture. Both dogs look pretty happy and content.

I've said it before many times in this blog - seniors rule and although they won't be with us as long as a youngster, there are no guarantees on a puppy either.  Seniors can fill your heart and lives with just as many memories and love in a year or two than a puppy can in 15.  Gretel is of course eligible for our senior to senior program.  Details are on the main web page.

We are so delighted to have Gretel with us at BTRNC - now please stay out of the trash!


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