Friday, March 04, 2011


Two happy ending blogs in a row! I realized I don't do them nearly as often these days. Of course when new owners send us wonderful pictures like the ones here, they are easy to write.

Scampie's new Dad was so excited to get this boy that he and a friend took a road trip to meet his foster Mom. He brought two types of leashes and harnesses to make sure he had one that would fit his new boy. Here they are right after Scampie met them. Hmmm.. looking good.

Scampie clearly knew that all good things were going to happen for him. He has taken to his new home and life with all the joy and enthusiasm you could ever ask for.

Scampie gets to play tug, chew on a soft surface which looks suspiciously close to a remote control from my perspective and he now waits not so patiently peering out waiting for Dad to come home!

Sometimes a prospective adopter connects with a picture on our available dogs page and sometimes our placement coordinator has a feeling about a dog and a person before the picture ever gets up on the website. Sometimes, it seems that everyone connects with the same dog all at the same time. Then we have to try to match to the best of our abilities to the best home and let others know that "their pick" may have already found his forever home. In most cases, our wonderful families work with us to find what they thought was their second pick but turns out to be the best pick of all! Lastly, we have the wonderful healthy dogs that for some reason get passed over time and time again. We continue to learn that these dogs usually know who is supposed to come for them and they patiently wait until that human finds them. It takes longer for some than others and we are always so thankful that there are people out there who are willing to give these wonderful rescue dogs their second and sometimes third or fourth chance at the forever home they always deserved.

Scampie found his and it looks like everyone won in the end! You are a great little guy Scampie- we wish you a life filled with treats, toys and love.


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