Monday, January 03, 2011


Meet Pua which means Hawaiian flower. Pronounced poo a, long o, short a. A beautiful name for this beautiful little flower.

One of our volunteers works at a vet clinic which is very convenient. She was asked and agreed to transport this little girl to the clinic for medical attention from Tennessee. Fate intervened of course and we had our first snow of the season so her arrival was delayed and she ended up at our volunteers house instead of the clinic. As you can guess, she is now fostered with her foster family and canine siblings. She came in very under weight, with severe diarrhea, nasty ears, and long curly nails.

Very patiently, she allowed foster Mom to trim her nails, clean her ears and have a much needed bath. This little angelic girl with the big eyes and curious face emerged. Surprises weren't quite over yet - she went into heat! Not to worry, the boys in residence are neutered as are all of our rescue dogs. Pua, however, will have to wait just a little bit to be spade. We don't spay while in heat unless there is a medical need to do so.

Pua went shopping and picked out her own blanket and bed. Bright orange with skull faces or pumpkins as you prefer on it, thank you very much. She has put on a few pounds, the diarrhea is gone, and she is beginning to learn to play with other dogs and toys! She was a Santa Paws recipient and was completely overwhelmed with joy that the things in that box could be for her!

Santino, a foster, turned forever baby will actually allow Pua to sleep near him. Could he actually like her??? Santino prefers his own space in life!

Pua is petite and has a knack for making everyone who meets her fall completely in love with her including the Boastful Boston. She will soon make her appearance on our available dogs page. If you would like a flower for your very own, let us know. Pua is waiting to meet you!


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