Sunday, January 23, 2011


The first time I saw Jamy's bio, I thought of comfy pajamas, a blanket and snuggling up for the evening. Turns out, that is pretty close to accurate about our Jamy.

For any of our readers who love the breed, but don't feel up to their normal energy level, and who would prefer to have an only dog this time around but worry they will miss a playmate, Jamy may be your guy.

At 5 years old, he has moved beyond most puppy antics but still has many years to go. Jamy does not care to play with other dogs and would do best as an only "child." Although he has been around young children, he is more comfortable with children over 12. Jamy will be pleased to play with you but only if you start it. He is most happy snuggled up on your lap or under a blanket on the sofa.

All the beauty and charm of a boston terrier, but you actually get to sit down! And this little guy is handsome as can be and fits the standard for the breed. This of course means that he will snore as he gets older if he doesn't already but many find this soothing white noise, you know like a fan or soft radio music.

Jamy does have luxating patellas. This means that he has an increased chance of his knee caps moving from their correct location. Even though light activity decreases this probability, you don't have to treat him like he is fragile. His knees may be fine for the rest of his life and if they do slip out of place, a vet can work with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Like many pure bred bostons, he does have some skin allergies which are easily managed with benadryl. Once Jamy gets to a forever home and his new family work with their vet and try different diets, etc, this issue may become a thing of the past and the benadryl can be discontinued. Stress sometimes makes these conditions worse.
Overall, Jamy has stolen the hearts of his foster family and as you can see, he seems to be pretty happy to have become one of the BTRNC dogs.

Maybe you have been looking for just such a low energy couch potato boston terrier. BYOP - bring your own pajamas and cuddle up with this handsome boy!


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