Sunday, January 16, 2011


You may have seen Scampy on our Available Male Dogs page, rear end in the air, nose to the peanut butter filled kong, missing fur on that rear. Scampy had a broken leg before he was picked up by animal control and of course BTRNC got him the care he needs and he is fixed. Don't be leery of his leg injury, once completely heeled, he will be better than new because the joint will be stronger. He is chomping at the bit to run and play hard with his foster siblings. As written before, dogs do not dwell on their limitations as they take each day as a new beginning. Scampy doesn't know there was anything wrong with his leg. Neither will you when you see him run.

I admit I'm not sure that I get the name but I'm sure there is a story to it. Some are just easier to figure out than others. I was the one who named a sanctuary baby, now over the bridge Bee Gee for goodness sakes. Made sense to me - Bee Gee was long for B.G. which stood for big girl. See, perfect sense. If you are not sure about the name either, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you renamed him as long as he got a forever home.

Scampy is one of our fosters that we all wish we got every time. His foster mother reports that he is a "dream dog." Good with dogs AND cats, crate trained, house trained and just an all around wonderful dog. All that Scampy requires is love, food, water, a lap, and peanut butter filled kongs. He will return all that 100 fold for a life time.

I think that 5 years is the perfect age to adopt a rescue, old enough to be a survivor and have learned a few things, and young enough to play hard and fast with you or your other four legged family members. Bostons very often live well into their teens so at 5, many of them are just getting started.

Give Scampy a second look, he may be the one you are looking for!


At 1:10 AM, Blogger k9 said...

Scampy is no doubt a "Dreamy Dog". her terrific eyes makes me scary.
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