Monday, February 21, 2011


Hershel Walker, now Quincy is 10 years young. I met his foster Mom a few weeks ago when I delivered Cousin Eddie (who by the way has also gone to his forever home) to her in a McDonald's parking lot. We talked about Hershel then and she commented that he always seemed to be second on every one's wish list, but never first. She talked about what a wonderful little guy he was and how it was a shame that potential families were afraid of his age.

About three days later, I did a home visit where we talked about many of the dogs on our adoptable dogs page, including Hershel. This family had lost a young dog unexpectedly in December. She had died of a brain hemorrhage and the family, although ready to adopt a dog, still reeled from their loss. It did however, drive home the point that age is no guarantee of how long you get to keep this precious fur baby in your family. Their dog was 4 years old, an age when most of us think there are many more years to come. Hershel was 10 and according to average life span, could be healthy for another 5-8 years. Not long enough, but it never ever is, right?

Well Katlyn decided to take a chance on Quincy and made him her new forever boy. You see, she works at an assisted living care center and it was her plan to take Quincy with her to work where he could interact with the residents and hang out in her office, and that is exactly what she did. Katlyn writes that the residents and staff love him, they go get him from the office and sneak him treats. The nurses even bring him to areas where dogs are not normally allowed. Quincy is a big hit and Katlyn writes us that "this dog was made for her." So now we know that there was a reason why he was in foster care for so long and that he was never the first choice. It was because he was waiting patiently for Katlyn, her Mom and her boyfriend to find him! At his age, he connects with the residents and understands that they sometimes don't feel their best. He patiently reassures them that it is still a good day. He is the perfect dog for his new home.

Here is Quincy on his Mom's lap "helping" her do her charts!

How is that for a feel good happy ending? We are so happy for Quincy, the residents, the nurses, and his new family!


At 5:53 AM, Blogger Marcus said...

when I was looking for a boston to adopt, Hershel was one of the ones on my list. After talking to the foster moms, Baxter seemed to be the perfect fit and he definitely has been. I'm glad this guy found his home.


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