Sunday, January 30, 2011


We will never know the beginning of his story, but we know how it ended. He is 7 months old, brindle and all boston. He was picked up by an animal control officer in the city and secured in the back of a truck and taken to the animal control intake area. He was then placed in a small cage in an over crowded shelter for a required 5 days waiting for his owner to claim him. He did not have a collar or a microchip. A chip would have located his owner, a collar would have required that he wait for 7 days. He was posted on the lost and found pets page for the shelter's web sites. Two little mug shots, one from the front and one from the side. He no longer had a name, just a number.

For the next 5 days, he was left in the cage. He was given food and water, but not let out, exercised nor did he interact with people except those that fed him while in the cage.

No one came to claim him which is the most frustrating and mysterious part of the story. He is young, healthy and well behaved. He was not neutered but seemed well fed and socialized to people.

BTRNC received an e-mail from a volunteer who had seen his little mug shot. Then we waited for the 5 days to expire. We then had to find a foster placement for him. We have many volunteers, but there are never enough foster homes. We often have dogs waiting to come into rescue when a foster home opens. Luckily, a precious boy had just joined his forever family and the foster family was willing to replace him immediately with this little guy.

Since it is much cheaper for rescues to have vet work done at a shelter, we usually go this route. This means however, that we had to wait until the shelter's overworked veterinarian can fit him in for a neuter, full check up and vaccinations. Another 5 days go by, but this little one is no longer endanger of being euthanized. He has been accepted into rescue. He still waits in his cage.

When his turn came for the vet work, he is moved to a different building where he will receive after care, socialization, walks and more human interaction, but it is still a shelter and he still slept in a cage.

The last step was to arrange transport. He traveled 2 hours with his driver, his foster family drove 1.5 hours to meet him and take him home. He is found now and with his foster family getting acclimated to life outside the shelter again.

His foster family has named him Cousin Eddie which I must admit fits him well. The younger generation should google The Adams Family. Your own Boastful Boston was the lucky one who came to get him from the shelter, took him from the arms of a shelter worker into mine, received boston terrier kisses and watched as he stared longingly at the door out! So many e-mails were exchanged throughout this process and we had typed little boy boston so often in the reference line, I just started typing "little boy blue" one day and although he will never know it, that was his name for a few days. Cousin Eddie seems a better fit now that we have met him.

His foster family will soon provide information for a bio on the available dogs page. For now we know that he ignores cats, does his business outside, and prefers the company of people to dogs. This may change as he gets used to being around canine pals, we just don't know yet.

What we do know is that he is adorable, precious, wide eyed (as you can see), safe and found!

P. S. - I took the picture as he sat on my lap in the car and I was unable to see through the lens of the camera. Maybe I should try this technique more often!


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He looks ADORABLE!


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