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Molly (Margaret) Brown was a passenger on The Titanic. Throughout her life, both before and after the famous cruise, she reinforced her status as a survivor. She was raised very poor and although determined to marry a rich man, she fell in love and married JJ Brown who was as poor as her family. Eventually, JJ came into great wealth when one of his inventions helped change the mining industry. JJ created the ore seam for his employer and was awarded 12,500 shares of stock and a seat on the board for his efforts.
Although Molly and JJ later separated, neither remarried and they remained close throughout life.

Molly Brown boarded the Titanic as a first class passenger from the French dock. When it sank on April 15, 1912, she assisted many passengers onto life boats before finally taking a seat on Lifeboat 6. She is credited with helping to row the lifeboat and for convincing the crew to return to the site for additional survivors. History is unclear as to whether the boat actually returned or whether survivors were found, but the point is, she tried.

Molly continued to speak for her causes until her death in 1932 at age 65. Her death could have been related to a brain tumor discovered during the autopsy.

Our Molly Brown was rescued with significant health problems stemming from breast cancer and untreated tumors. Very ill and alone, our volunteer got her the vet care she needed and nursed her back to health. Molly was adopted and is now much loved by a Hokie family. Molly recently visited Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech over the holidays. She is the reigning boston terrier in the family.

We think this name and legacy are perfect for this unsinkable little girl who has a home, love, and who takes each day as a gift!


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