Thursday, November 05, 2009


Have a large dog? Have fallen in love with bostons and wonder how a 12-25 pound dog will mix with your large dog? The Boastful Boston has the answers you seek! Read on.

Bostons as a rule are drawn to larger dogs since they have no concept of being a small dog. The fact that they can fit between the front paws of their chosen playmate is a non issue for these compact fearless companions. My own boston goes to the canine bed and breakfast for day care once a week and whenever I travel for work. His favorite friends? A bull mastiff, black labs, a Dalmatian, a husky and a great Dane. He will give the cocker spaniels a sympathy romp before returning to jumping on the neck of the mastiff for a ride.

Meet Jimmy formerly James, recently adopted from BTRNC. There is little more for me to type other than to show you the pictures of a happy family, happy Jimmie and happy Jessie with her new boston sibling.

Size does not seem to matter at all! Enjoy.


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