Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am an animal rescuer and a lover of just about anything with 4 legs and fur (except maybe possums but that's another story). Having said that, I have never been one to buy Christmas presents for the animals nor have I had birthday parties for any of mine over the years. I guess I always thought that every day was Christmas for our spoiled, warm, safe fur babies. They get toys and treats throughout the year, right? Why add one more pressure to the holiday list - got to get the dog and cat something....

Then came the tradition of Santa Paws at BTRNC. Apparently I was incorrect in thinking that dogs did not know it was Christmas. The pictures started coming in of our foster babies in front of packages wrapped up all for them. Their faces were sheer delight. Blankets seem to be a big favorite. I have written many times that these special kids know that they are in a temporary phase and have not yet found their forever homes and that they also know when they go home for good. Obviously these special little ones also know when something is just for them. They may not have a home yet, but they have a foster family for the holidays and they also get a package just for them!

For those of you new to the blog, Santa Paws is a program that pairs volunteers up with foster dogs to be their Santa Paws. Volunteers cannot be Santa Paws to their own fosters but instead are matched with a dog they will probably never meet unless a transport brings them together. Santa Paws shops and creates a package and send it to the foster dog care of their foster family. Gifts include toys, treats, blankets and other goodies. The packages are often given to the foster baby with supervision as they open, inspect, devour, cuddle or play with their gift! This also gives the foster moms and dads a break from buying for them as well as their forever dogs. BTRNC covers medical expenses but daily needs are paid for by the foster families.

Their expressions have convinced me that our foster kids deserve and love presents just like we humans. As far as my forever kids.... well, maybe just one or two Christmas themed toys and a new blanket.

Here are just a few pictures of our 2009 recipients:



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