Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've been writing this blog for a few years now and have already covered the traditional Happy Thanksgiving and all the things BTRNC and our adopted and foster fur babies are thankful for. I could not however let this holiday pass without again acknowledging the wonder of being thankful for our four legged companions and they for us!

Unless you have just returned from an extended stay in outer space, you are painfully aware of the economy and the havoc it has wreaked on our budgets, shopping habits and fears for the future. Dogs and cats have been unwilling victims to this crisis even though their needs are few. Check out our home page, petfinder. com or your local shelter and you will read story after story of pets who had loving homes but had to be turned in to rescue or shelters because their families were forced to move to places that did allow their pets. I honestly cannot imagine how heartbreaking this development must be for the owners.

If you can afford to adopt a rescue, this is an even more wonderful time to do so. Many of our rescues are already trained and have good manners. You can skip the puppy stage which trust me, is not all fun and games. The rewards are never ending. Rescue dogs know somehow that they have been rescued and they thank you daily over and over again. What an amazing gift for you and the rescued dog for Thanksgiving. I bet that at your Thanksgiving table, you will remember to be thankful for your newest addition who is currently waiting patiently for a bite of turkey. If you cannot adopt right now, think about sponsoring a dog in rescue so we can continue to rescue more as the economy continues to struggle.

The Boastful Boston and all of BTRNC wish you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and we thank you again for what you have done and may do in the future to help these wonderful fur babies.
Here are a few pictures of some of our thankful "kids" who have found their forever families.

Miss Gracie

Fenway - who seems to like the camera lens!


Julie Tee and her peanut butter!


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