Saturday, December 12, 2009


When BTRNC rescued Franklin 9 months ago, the shelter told us that the owner had dropped him off saying euthanize him - he's crippled! The shelter decided to contact us instead - thank the doggie Gods and saints! Especially, thanks to Franklin's shelter and so many others that work with rescues!

The volunteer who pulled Franklin and transported him to his foster Mom said she would never forget the first photo she saw of this young man. His legs were folded under him like he was trying to sit on the ground side saddle and drool was coming out of his mouth. Such a sad and misunderstood little one.

Franklin suffered from a not so uncommon condition known as luxating patella. This very shortly means that Franklin's knee caps did not stay where they are supposed to be. It is correctable by surgery and although the recuperation period can be long frustrating, the end result is good or sometimes better than new. The biggest challenge is trying to keep a young boston terrier still for so many weeks. Franklin had a wonderful foster Mom who stuck with him through 3 surgeries and nursed his legs and his heart back to life.

Look at him now, he is actually over sized and can walk and run and play and enjoy all the things that he deserves.

We are so grateful to Franklin's wonderful foster Mom who after 9 months found the strength to say goodbye so this beautiful baby could go to his forever home that was carefully screened and selected just for Franklin. Nine months is a long time and it was hard to let him go but she knows he is going to a wonderful home and she will soon get back to the business of saving another soul in need of loving.

Franklin's foster Mom asks everyone to:
"wish him the best as he finally is able to START his new life. I have the utmost hope for him as the beginning of his life was far from easy and he deserve to be happy, healthy, and loved!"

It is my honor to pass her wish on to our readers.


At 6:46 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I love you Franklin and you very much missed. Your at your forever home now with your new dad and I am very proud of you. Your a good boy and you my crazy little boy will never be forgotten!

Heather Benfield & Family


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