Monday, August 25, 2008


Lily was one the recent group of bostons BTRNC rescued from a puppy mill "bust". Her foster mother thought she was the most timid of the group. Lily had not had the opportunity to experience all the wonderful things about a family, a warm bed, a house and unconditional love. Her foster Mom worked with her and slowly she began to trust.
Along came a wonderful family who fell in love with Lily from our website and asked to adopt her. One application and a home visit later, Lily came home for good. No longer timid, but embracing the world with the courage that comes from love and safety, she was renamed Luna which means moon in Spanish. Instead of a soft white flower which only blooms at certain times of the year, she is the moon shining bright every day and night. Luna has her own page on My Space and her own blog. She now enjoys hiking and painting. Luna recently enjoyed "holding" the painters tape for her Mom while she was painting! Luna has a canine brother Scrapper who protects her and is also good to blame when cookies go missing!

Luna is another example of why we rescue and why we have the strength to keep on! Luna is a very lucky little girl and we hope her light shines for a very very long time!


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Teresa said...

I am so happy for this little girl.Thanks to the love, dedication and hard work of the caring people of BTRNC and wonderful new parents her future will be vastly different from her past.Plus who knew she was a little Picasso in hiding. Lilly you should hike,snack,play and paint to your hearts content. Be happy little girl and have a great life.


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