Tuesday, December 04, 2007


With her big blue eyes and white face, Amelia looks like an angel. She's a very happy angel now that she has found her forever family. Maxey, Amelia's new brother is also thrilled to have a buddy with whom to share meals, love, play time and bed time.

Her new Mom writes that Amelia is a gentle soul who is still learning to warm up to strangers. Like many rescue babies, Amelia came with anxieties that have diminished with time and love. Trust is the reward of thanks offered by the rescue to the family who said, "yes, we want that one!"

Her kisses and sugar are now happily offered to her family and to some new comers as well. She likes corners so she can observe all areas of the room and her people. Be sure to save your best kisses for your family Amelia, we wouldn't want them to be jealous.

Welcome Home Amelia, Welcome Home!

The Boastful Boston


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