Tuesday, October 16, 2007


BTRNC tries hard to match prospective families with a boston in our foster program who we believe matches the family's lifestyle, energy level, environment, and other factors. Sometimes a reader falls in love with a picture or a description on our website but further information reveals that the dog that first captured their eye is not a good match. Our foster families expose our dogs to as as many situations as possible, including children and cats. The cutest boston face in the world will loose it's appeal in a house with cats if that face belongs to a cat chaser.

For these reasons, we sometimes have approved families waiting for just the right boston to enter our rescue program. Such was the case with Bosco. Members and visitors saw only a penciled sketch of a boston representing Bosco on the available dogs page for only a few days. Next was the red adoption pending above his name and still a penciled sketch.

Bosco met those who would become his forever family and it was love at first sight. Can you blame them?

Bosco now enjoys another boston, adults and children in his new home. He even got to be an honored guest at the youngest member of his family's preschool. Oh how he loved the attention from all those small hands and smiling faces! Bosco was a perfect gentleman for the children.

Bosco was lucky, someone was waiting for him. Maybe the next boston to enter our rescue is just who you have been waiting for!

The Boastful Boston


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