Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This handsome fellow is Brutus, adopted from BTRNC in 2005. He just celebrated his 4th birthday with his new family. Rescue dogs somehow understand that they have been given a second chance. Whether they were owner surrenders from good homes where they could no longer stay, former puppy mill breeding dogs who have never known a bed or toys, or rescued off the street with an unknown past but with the scars of their time on the road, they all share the knowledge that once they were rescued. They are full of love and gratitude both for their rescuers and the families that adopt them.

Brutus now has his own bed!

His own clothes!!!

and even a piano - maybe a budding canine musician has been found!

Brutus' forever Mom report that he climbs everything and jumps very high. An electric fence was the ticket to make sure that Brutus never gets lost. Brutus also brings joy everyday and always provides a reason to smile, even on gloomy days!

Brutus says you don't have to send him birthday presents - he has everything he could ever want!

Happy Birthday Brutus - and many more!

The Boastful Boston


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Happy Birthday, Brutus!


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