Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet Cindy - She Loves People

Cindy was surrendered by her original owners when they were moving and could no longer care for her. She has settled into her new foster home and loves to be close to people a much as possible. Even when her foster mom took her to the vet's office, she was so happy to be there with a parade of new people coming in the door. She was sure they had all come to see her and would run over to greet them and get petted.

Cindy is a snorter and a couple of her foster siblings weren't sure what to make of this plump, snorty gal. They are warming up to her now and giving her secret kisses when they think no one is looking. In Cindy's new extended family, there is another Boston Terrier. His name is Pete and he is blind with fear and aggression issues surrounding unfamiliar dogs. Luckily, Cindy is great at meeting new dogs! She ignored Pete and allowed him to sniff her from ear to tail. Since that encounter Pete has fallen madly in love and likes to follow her around the house.

Cindy loves to go for a car ride. When her foster mom takes her out for walks and she sees the car in the driveway, she'll turn on her "bulldog 4 wheel drive" and try to drag her over to the door of the car so they can go somewhere. Her foster mom has to keep a towel in the seat though because Cindy's tongue is always hanging out and when she falls asleep she tends to drool a bit. Won't you consider giving this happy girl a home? Check out our available dogs for more information. Or consider being a sponsor.

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