Saturday, November 03, 2007


It was just an old Chevy truck, bench seat and side vents! The bostons past and present who have shared their lives with two of our volunteers have found magic in this truck.

Felix spent some of the happiest times of his life riding in that truck. As a young boston, waiting not so patiently at the door, jumping into the big bench seat, turning the large boston mouth into a grin. As a senior, Felix still waited at the door with anticipation waiting for his family to pick him up and place him in his beloved truck! He still loved t0 ride. Felix had to cross the bridge. Eventually, his family adopted Prissy, a senior lady from BTRNC.

Well guess what? Prissy shares the same love for the same truck. She has the same joy and anticipation at going for a ride. With the vents blowing in her face, and happy pants escaping her chest, it's Christmas for Prissy whenever she gets to ride.

Dogs find joy and happiness in the simplest of pleasures! Prissy found a forever family at an older age and a second chance at love. As a bonus, she got a truck! What more could she ask?

The Boastful Boston says: "Ride on Prissy, ride on!


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