Thursday, October 04, 2007


Barney Fife was adopted in 2004 by one of our BTRNC volunteers. Barney loved his new Mom and family and was so happy to be forever home. But when Barney met his new Grandpa who lived in another house, he knew that everything in his life, being homeless, rescued, and adopted all was meant to lead up to meeting this wonderful human person. It was love at first sight for Barney and Grandpa. Barney heard other humans talk about Grandpa having something called dementia, but all Barney saw was the kindest man he had ever met.

Barney made it clear that while he hoped he would always be grateful to the nice lady who adopted him, and hoped she would always be in his life, he belonged with Grandpa. And Barney got his way. Forever Mom became forever Sis, Grandma became forever Mom and Grandpa became forever Dad!

Two years later, Barney is basking in the love of all his new family and his favorite part is spending time with Dad! Sis says that Barney is a good therapy dog. Barney figures that if getting constant love, food, medical care and kisses means he is a therapy dog, then he is all for it!

Barney found his purpose and sends his prayers and wishes that other rescue dogs find theirs!


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