Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pip Pip Hooray!

While the Bashful Boston is relaxing on the sandy beaches of coastal Carolina, the Blog will be handled by one near and dear to her heart.
Pip, formerly known as Bakira, finally has a chance to tell her own story. Pip was adopted in 2006 at the age of 7 with a history of anxiety problems. Pip was adopted by BTRNC's now fundraising coordinator, Jen.

Hi, my name’s Pip…Pip Patten. I am a BTRNC graduate. I lived in one house for about a week (I think they called that a foster home) then they took me to my new mommy.

She cried when she saw me. That was last September. In December mommy got
me a puppy for Christmas. His name is Boo and he’s 5. He came to stay at our house 2 days before Christmas and never left. Now he follows me around like he’s my shadow.
I know my mommy loves me and my brother. I didn’t think anyone would want to adopt me because I’m "older" and all kinds of stuff makes me itch. Mom says they’re allergies. I know 7 is not that old but some people are really picky about older dogs and dogs who aren’t "perfect". When we got Boo, my brother, he was sick. He had worms in his heart and could hardly walk because he got hit by a car. Me and mommy took care of him and now he runs all over the place. Sometimes he drives me crazy but I still love him.

I think all of the people at BTRNC are really nice. They helped me find a new mommy and brother that love me very much.
Yours Truly,

PS- The Bashful Boston will make her return in just a few days!


At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pip, you and Boo are very lucky to have BTRNC find you a wonderful Mom, like they did for us (*grin*) we really run the show, but shush.. don't tell'em.... Miss Piper, Bandit and Puglsye

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is you found your new Mom. She loves you & Boo so very much, & is such a special lady!


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