Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Camera Shy

A small bulb exploding before your eyes causing momentary blinding pain and the appearance of thousands of twinkling stars is not an enjoyable experience. We humans have the cognitive ability to understand a camera's flash. But imagine the fear and confusion this sudden flash of light incites in a dog. It's no wonder that dogs tuck and run at the sight of rectangular metallic objects.

Our Pandora is terribly camera shy. Of course its understandable, but such a shame. How are we to capture her beautiful face if she refuses to acknowledge the camera?

The following pictures were submitted by Pandora's tireless foster mom. We hope that you find humor visualizing this photo shoot between a determined foster mom and an unwilling Boston Terrier.

The determined foster mom eventually won the battle. One charasmatic pose was captured on film. You can visit Pandora's section of our Available Dogs Page to see the final result.


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