Sunday, September 18, 2011


Bullwinkle Jay Moose is a cartoon character who enjoyed fame in the early sixties. He lived in with his best friend, Rocky the squirrel in Frostbite Minnesota. He could remember everything he ever ate and could at times exhibit great strength known as moosepower. He was big hearted and caring although some would say he was dense but always lovable. He and Rocky did not get along well with Boris and Natasha, the villains of the series.

Presumably, our Bullwinkle must have exhibited some of these traits to earn himself this name. We know that Bullwinkle is indeed very big hearted and sweet. We are also sure he remembers everything he eats because he loves to revisit each and everyone.

Bullwinkle is healthy, gets along with dogs and children. He is 3 years young which means only that some of the wild puppy behavior is gone but the energy, playfulness and years more antic is still very much present.

Bullwinkle is very polite, waiting for an invitation to get on the furniture, for treats and although he can occasionally sneak up in his foster Mom's lap, he generally waits to be invited there as well. He has the sweetest eyes that ask only to be loved and perhaps a new forever home!

When he sleeps, he curls up tight in his dog bed, as if to make himself as small as possible. But he will open his eyes and look at whoever happens by to make sure that everything is o.k. and he is always up for a pat or a snuggle.

Bullwinkle is a wonderful boy. You may have a Rocky at home, but with or without Rocky, Bullwinkle will moose his way into your heart.


At 3:54 AM, Blogger Mary said...

How does one go about possibly bringing him home? I have a 3 year old Boston right now and have contemplated how nice it would be if Fred had a buddy. You can learn about Fred from my blog if you want.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger Boastful Boston said...

Mary, Bullwinkle has now been adopted but if you are interested in adopting a buddy for Fred, please visit our available dogs pages and complete an application. Thank you! The Boastfu Boston


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