Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have heard that all my life. I'm not so sure about people particularly when we keep taking off the lids that are supposed to be for our pots, but I do believe that there is the perfect home for each and every rescue dog. Sometimes it takes longer than others for the lid and the pot to find each other. Luckily, we have wonderful foster families who keep our rescues in their loving homes until their forever family finds them.

I know that Prissy's forever home is out there looking for her. They just don't know it yet. Prissy is in a wonderful foster home with a foster Mom who has a way of bringing dogs out of their shell, learning their personalities, traits, quirks, likes dislikes and fears. She tunes into them and learns what makes them tick. She had one foster, turned forever baby who she learned loved nothing more than to ride in her lap on the riding lawn mower. Tootsie crossed the bridge but we know she watches Mom mow the grass and gets endless rides now.

Prissy is only 5 which is NOT old even in doggie years. She has had some hard times before she got to BTRNC. One reminder is an atrophied rear leg but that does not slow her down at all. Poor Prissy almost had another tragedy right after going to her foster Mom's. It turns out she is fatally allergic to bees and wasp stings and she is sensitive to benadryl. Can you imagine being a foster Mom with a brand new charge who suddenly ends up at the emergency vet both allergic to the bee sting and over reacting to a standard dose of benadryl. Thank goodness the vet diagnosed her and that Mom got her there in record time. No more bee chasing for little Priss pot.

Prissy knows commands but will first wait to see if you really mean it before she follows the command. She lies in wait for her dinner to be served, but will come get you like a bad waitress if you are not moving fast enough. She is not a big snuggler yet but loves to sit next to you and when Mom comes in the door, she jumps straight up in welcome, almost above Mom's head. She likes to cool off in a wading pool and actually likes to be dried off.

She LOVES to look out the window and imagine catching all the wild life that goes by. She gets along great with the dogs in her foster home. She would be an amazing companion for someone. It is time for Prissy to find the lid to her pot. I hope we have given you some more insight into the wonderful girl that she is.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Sweet Prissy, still looking for her 'match'. What a good little girl who only wants a stable home life with a person or persons to love and love her right back. Oh and to play with her alot too, Prissy loves to play, have a belly rub and snuggle up next to you on the couch...a treat or two thrown in for good measure?? Yup, she would be your buddy for sure.


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