Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sounds like a cartoon doesn't it? These two little guys came into BTRNC within days of each other. The are not related and didn't know each other in past lives but somehow they sound like they belong together. That's Ralphie in the front of this picture. He didn't want to stay out of the pictures of his foster brother RussGus. When I first heard the name RussGuss, I thought how odd but say it a few times and somehow it works.

Our foster coordinator ALMOST had me fostering again with Ralphie. I travel for work so it's hard right now. I agreed to foster Ralphie before I saw his picture. I saw it for the first time on my blackberry while I was in Charlotte, NC of all places. Ralphie happened to be in Charlotte at the moment too. I was there with 4 co-workers so I couldn't leave the hotel and go kidnap him. I also took one look at that picture and knew that he would never go back out my door. Our volunteer who picked him up described him as perfect in every way. As it turns out, someone else thought Ralphie was perfect in every way and they will hopefully be united as a forever family in the very near future. Pheww, dodged that one, but I'm sure she'll get me sooner or later.

RussGuss is another little cutie who landed in temporary foster care with Ralphie. They are both little guys and they hang out well together. RussGuss has lost most vision in one eye but please don't tell him that. He is not limited or slowed down in the least and has does not miss the vision in one eye. RussGuss loves to play, run and snuggle. I always mention here how amazing dogs are when it comes to not letting their handicaps or other medical issues impact them. Animals don't worry or dwell on sickness, they take each day as a gift and make the most out of it.

RussGuss will be on our website soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to submit an application anyway through Thank you.


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