Sunday, July 10, 2011


It occurred to me as I was walking Riley at 6:30 a.m. because it is too hot to do anything past 7:30 a.m. on the East Coast, that I had not done a blog about an adoption that wasn't exactly a walk in the park. This reminded me of the Miley Cyrus song - The Climb. It's not what is on the other side, it's the climb.

Adoption, March 3, 2011.
E-mail to former foster Mom.

I don't think we are going to make it.
She is aggressive around other dogs.
She doesn't bond to me and I think I made a mistake.

March 18, 2011. E-mail from New Mom to foster Mom.

She seems to be doing a little better.
She actually took a nap next to our other dog.
I will try a little longer but if you have any one else interested in her, please set it up.
I don't think we're going to make it.

March 30, 2011. E-mail from New Mom to foster Mom.

She actually ran to greet me at the door today.
Later she jumped in my lap.
She's playing nicely with our other dog now.
Maybe she can stay a little longer but
I don't think we're going to make it.

April 3, 2011. E-mail from New Mom to foster Mom.

She is such joy and so much company.
She follows me around everywhere now and gets so excited when I come home.
She and our other dog are the best of friends. They are always together.
She figured out how to get our of her crate and was a good girl so I don't crate her much anymore.
We took her hiking last week. She loved it.
We went to the dog park this morning - she had so much fun but she ran right back to me when I called her.
I can't believe we found our way to each other.
I think we are going to make it.
Thank you for allowing me the honor of adopting this precious girl.

Yes, sometimes, it is a rough climb and it takes time. Most rescues have baggage and it takes a little longer to trust and to bond again then it does with a trusting puppy. It is however, so worth it! Be patient and go slow - don't be to quick to think it's not going to work. Don't give up on the one who could be your life long best friend.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Jan Holsinger said...

EXCELLENT!! So true!!! And it bears repeating over and over,the best things in life are never free and easy.They are worth the wait.Just be patient and give these babies a chance! You will NOT be sorry!

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

I wish all people were like this foster mom. YOU MUST GIVE THINGS TIME!!! After all, this dog does not know if they CAN bond to you since they have been moved around so much! How CAN they trust so soon? THANK YOU to this wonderfully patient foster mom who gave things TIME to work out!

At 9:01 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

I wish all people were as patient as this new mom. These dogs have been bounced around so much sometimes they cannot possibly be expected to "bond" in just a few days...or weeks, even! They don't know that you will not leave them, abandon them once again. Thank you, anonymous adoptive mom! What a blessing you are!


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