Monday, June 13, 2011


There is a common saying in rescue:

Don't buy when others are left to die!

I grit my teeth when my friends who are not in rescue pay upwards of $800-$2,000.00 for purebred puppies. One just bought a miniature poodle and one a designer puppy - cross between a Shi Tzu and a Miniature Poodle which by the way makes a Shipoo. Both are adorable dogs who are also blameless in the world and are products of breeders who will probably dump their parents in shelters when they get too old to breed. One website advertised that they now had older dogs for sale who "no longer fit into their breeding program." Things like this lead me to follow another famous quote: "The more I know of people, the more I choose my dogs!"

This beautiful little girl pictured below was pulled from a high kill shelter literally in the nick of time.

She had been marked to be the next one to die. By marked, I mean that a death tag had been inserted on her back. In order to get the tag off, her fur had to be shaved down to the skin.

Anyone else have cold chills? Did you know that over 4 million dogs were euthanized in the US in 2010? FOUR MILLION!

This little girl is Carolina and she got to ride in an airplane to get to her foster home. She is just one of hundreds who are pulled from death's door by rescuers across the country. She cold be any dog. She is featured in this blog of course because she is a boston and after all you have navigated to a boston terrier rescue web site.

This is another reason why rescuers do what we do. We lose sleep over the ones we cannot save but stop to celebrate those we do! We thank you for considering rescue and visiting our site. We thank you for knowing that although we do charge a fee for our dogs, the money goes right back into the rescue to pay for vet bills and basic needs. Our dogs are neutered or spade and up to date on their shots before they are adopted. We also often take on the expense of surgery to correct a problem so the dog is as healthy as possibly before joining their forever family. We thank you for remembering Carolina's scar from her death tag and going back to the home page to take one more look at our available dogs.

We cannot save them all and we may not change the world but we sure can save the world of each dog we save!


At 10:59 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

This is a GREAT story and one that is common in rescue. Common also are the dogs that do not make it out. Prayers to them.

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Jan Holsinger said...

Excellent,Peggy! Well said!

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank God for rescue of all breeds. i have two boston's, both from rescue. my boston sami, was ONE day past her kill date. the only thing that saved her was she had a chip....her owners never came for her. i can't imagine my life without both my boston's. rescue RULES!!!


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