Thursday, August 20, 2009


There are lots of people out there who do not like doggie kisses. Some find it offensive and others can't get past the thought of germs. This is their right and privilege and the Boastful Boston respects their right to be kiss free. But.....

If you don't like doggie kisses, maybe a boston is not your best breed selection. You see boston terrier's kiss almost as often as they breath. It is just a reflex and a way of saying "Welcome Home, I've Missed You, Thank You, I Love You, I'm Hungry, I'm Tired," and so forth. Many don't have tails that can wag and even those that do cannot create the table clearing frenzy of their golden retriever friends. So one theory is the kiss makes up for the lack of tail action! Yes yes, you can train them not to kiss if you must, but it's kinda like teaching a child not to laugh! In both cases, there will always be something missing.

Pictures of bostons kissing are rare because it is difficult to hold the camera while you are receiving your kisses but you can get the visual.

All dogs sleep or at least we hope they do, the sooner the better usually, but bostons sleep anywhere in any position. The same dog you wanted to send to play out in traffic 15 minutes ago for trying to eat you shoes - while they were on your feet - becomes your adored angel when their eyes are closed and their heads are down.

Here is Harley, much loved foster and now forever family member with his new fur sibling, Zoe. By the way the dot on his head does not turn him off!

Lucy sleeps with her eyes open.

You get the idea. Bostons kiss and bostons sleep and in between they fill those lucky enough to live with one with love, laughter, a little frustration and a whole lot of fun!


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