Sunday, August 10, 2008


is not selfish, is capable of pure unconditional love, is forgiving, is loyal, can be broken and can be mended, knows no prejudice, and can be destroyed by a tiny baby heart worm.

The Boastful Boston apologizes for that less than subtle attention grabber, but heart worms kill thousands of dogs each year and it is completely preventable with 1 little pill every 3o days. The cost is about $30-40.00 for a six month supply. The medication can be purchased at your veterinarian's office or on-line. There are a great many otherwise very responsible and loving owners who choose not to place their pet on heart worm treatment. Maybe it is because they don't realize how great the risk, the suffering to their beloved fur baby or the difficulty of the treatment. Just one mosquito bite can provide one of these worm larva access to the heart. Gone untreated, heart worm disease is usually fatal. Please don't take the risk.

Ask Spankey who is currently undergoing treatment. Spankey is on our available dogs page.

BTRNC foster families have seen over 10 of our foster babies through the treatment of this disease in the last 5 years. The treatment is very expensive and very hard on the dog. During treatment, the patient must be kept quiet - no play time, no running, no strenuous exercise. Dogs do not understand that this is for their own good - ever try to keep a boston terrier quiet? It's not a fun task.

Fur babies everywhere ask you to please get them tested for heart worms during their annual vet visit and to always keep them on a heart worm preventive medicine. They are counting on you!

For more information on heart worm disease and treatment, see


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